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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Are your roots telling you something?

Roots. So much of how we interpret events today depends on what we learned as children and all the experiences we have accumulated along the way. In the Mastery of Love Dom Miguel Ruiz explains that it is not only what we have experienced in life but what our ancestors experienced. Those are the lessons they hand on to the next generation. That generation adds their own layer to the lessons and passes that along. Like the tree our roots grow, our story is added ring by ring to sustain and nourish the growth of our family and our self and our society.

Sometimes our roots and our history feel like they are hiding something. Other times stories and events in families and cultures leaves us feeling exposed. All we can do is hang on, continue to grow and alter the story as more is revealed. The events in the world today feel like they are exposing our uncertainties and fears. We need to reassess on a daily basis our own beliefs as well as our beliefs as a culture.During these strange times we may be assessing how we want our actions to influence our society. And then we, like the tree will know how far back in our ancestry the truth lies and what it is we must do today. What beliefs will we shed and what beliefs will sustain us are all being revealed in these challenging times. 

I look at this picture of a very tall tree with half its roots exposed by the shifting sands of the dunes on Lake Ontario. In time those same roots may be covered again. The tree will be there one way or another. Trees shed their leaves because carrying that heavy load will hurt them during the winter. What do you need to shed this fall? What beliefs are deep in your roots that sustain you or limit you? A tarot reading helps you find the truth and helps you shift that truth from your ancestors’ beliefs to your own. You can schedule your reading right here or give us a call. 

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