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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What is a reading? A Conference? A spiritual experience?

Hello Everyone,

People often ask, “What do you use to do a reading?” The quick answer is everything. When I am totally into your reading every part of me is listening and engaging with you and your energy. I am aware of feelings in my body and thoughts that are not mine. That starts when I shuffle the cards.

I use tools to make the process clear to you and I. Each tool offers a different set of information. Tarot and Lenormand cards, tumbled crystal stones, the crystal ball, the little voice in my head, the sensations I hear and feel. Sometimes I travel to those who are important to you to feel their energy and share with you what their message is today.

A reading is a many layered thing. Who knows what direction it will take as we begin? Each layer reveals more information that is being presented to you for your perusal if you will. Sometimes it takes a while before the meaning of this information is clear to you. Readings and their meanings evolve over time.

When we plan a conference we set out to offer you a many layered experience too. We hope that you will see how so many aspects of our life influence our intuition. The conference is billed as the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference as those are the main tools we will be focusing on. They are not the only tools you will be shown though.

Joanna Powell Colbert: Created The Gaian Tarot 
will be presenting in Kingston Ontario November 17 to 19 2017

Neither Tarot nor Lenormand cards can work if we don’t understand some basic ways of listening. Nature, the elements of air, water, fire and earth and the seasons of the year are all important in understanding Tarot and hearing its message. Joanna Powell Colbert is a wizard at presenting the many ways the elements and nature live in our daily life and speak to us from the cards. Joanna will teach us tools we can use every day not just when we pick up a tarot deck. Any time we tap into our intuition, we are feeling life.

Carrie Paris shows us how the Relative Tarot she created connects us to our ancestors
at the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference 

Carrie Paris will show us how to use Tarot and Lenormand to tap into our genetic history and how our life experiences and our ancestors’ lives guide us today. She will show us a whole range of tools to become aware of our intuition and the messages that we are asked to receive.

For me, I cannot do a reading without tapping into your soul and mine. Carrie presents from the notion of soul tending. Joanna shows us heart based tarot and living I think. Both are important in our lives as spiritual seekers. The cards just help us find the path.

Why should you attend our conference? Why are we so excited to be offering this opportunity? Because when we are all together we learn more easily, we each learn what we need and we experience community. All Spiritual Seekers are invited to join us November 17 to 19th 2017 in Kingston Ontario.  Limited to 100 seats and we are 80% sold out. I know that my readings will benefit deeply from this weekend immersion into heart based soul tending living.

All the details are at 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pop-Up Psychic Fair in Kingston Ontario

We have many very accomplished readers right here in Kingston Ontario. We are having a Pop-Up Psychic Fair on May 30 2017 from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Sapphire Room 376 Barrie St in Kingston Ontario. Admission is free. Tickets for a reading are $5 for 5 minutes. You decide how long you would like your reading to be. One ticket for 5 minutes or 12 tickets for an hour. We will be speaking about the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference at this event. Come out and see what the Oracle has to tell you. Readers will be using: Angel Cards, Psychometry, Tarot, Lenormand, and Hawaiian Energy Healing.
If you have questions, please send me an email or call the number at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What happens at a conference like this anyway?

Do you ever wonder about an event and think is it for me? What are they doing there? Here is the first of a series of You Tube presentations about the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference in Kingston Ontario Canada November 17 to 19 2017. In this video we chat about the Sunday morning workshop Carrie Paris is presenting. You will find a link that will help you figure out your birth cards and you will receive two questions and a technique on the question of Ancestral Love right at the end of the video. Enjoy.

We are all seeking something. Often that is found when we join with fellow seekers. See you in November.
Let me know if you have any more questions. And watch this site for more videos. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Some days we need to rest and spend time with our feelings be they good or bad. Spending time within often lets us see the gifts we have to offer others. And if someone is especially trying our patience, quiet reflection often let's us find the hidden message, the gift of the experience. Only then are we able to move forward and be our authentic self. And often we then become the teacher.

The cards in this picture are from left to right: Bouquet from Lenormand Revolution by Carrie Paris; 9. Hermit Pentimento Tarot and Gaian Tarot both by Joanna Powell Colbert; Bouquet Sirens' Song Lenormand by Carrie Paris. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference November 17 to 19 2017 Join Us!

Have you ever wanted to work with Joanna Powell Colbert creatrix of the Gaian Tarot and the Pentimento Tarot? But getting in to one of her retreats is difficult and its all on the west coast! We have a solution for you. Joanna Powell Colbert is coming to Kingston Ontario Canada and will be teaching Tarot, Nature, Spirit from the heart all day November 18th.  We will each be making our own elemental necklace. We can each wear home our personal treasure from the conference.

Have you been mesmerized by the Lenormand and maybe who you are when it comes to Tarot? How does it all fit? Another west coaster is joining us in Kingston for the conference. Carrie Paris will share her magical intuitive way of meeting your ancestors and yourself in Tarot and Lenormand. Carrie shares this with us all day Sunday November 19th. You will receive the award winning Sirens' Song Lenormand deck and the Relative Tarot both by Carrie Paris as part of your registration.

We have a magical intuitive weekend lined up for you. Here are all the details and the links to sign up.  There is even a monthly payment plan to help you get here. We are very excited that Carrie Paris and Joanna Powell Colbert are visiting us in Eastern Ontario. We invite you to sign up today.

Wondering what we do at a conference? Here is a link to an interview with Carrie Paris where we chat about her Sunday morning workshop:

On days with soft mist and gray light, listen to the quiet. Listen to your soul and let the mind release to the gentle whisper of air about you all that is not you. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Are your roots telling you something?

Roots. So much of how we interpret events today depends on what we learned as children and all the experiences we have accumulated along the way. In the Mastery of Love Dom Miguel Ruiz explains that it is not only what we have experienced in life but what our ancestors experienced. Those are the lessons they hand on to the next generation. That generation adds their own layer to the lessons and passes that along. Like the tree our roots grow, our story is added ring by ring to sustain and nourish the growth of our family and our self and our society.

Sometimes our roots and our history feel like they are hiding something. Other times stories and events in families and cultures leaves us feeling exposed. All we can do is hang on, continue to grow and alter the story as more is revealed. The events in the world today feel like they are exposing our uncertainties and fears. We need to reassess on a daily basis our own beliefs as well as our beliefs as a culture.During these strange times we may be assessing how we want our actions to influence our society. And then we, like the tree will know how far back in our ancestry the truth lies and what it is we must do today. What beliefs will we shed and what beliefs will sustain us are all being revealed in these challenging times. 

I look at this picture of a very tall tree with half its roots exposed by the shifting sands of the dunes on Lake Ontario. In time those same roots may be covered again. The tree will be there one way or another. Trees shed their leaves because carrying that heavy load will hurt them during the winter. What do you need to shed this fall? What beliefs are deep in your roots that sustain you or limit you? A tarot reading helps you find the truth and helps you shift that truth from your ancestors’ beliefs to your own. You can schedule your reading right here or give us a call.