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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Come Camping with Me July 7 to 9 2019

Hello and Welcome
We have room for six more people at this small camping retreat in Eastern Ontario July 7 to 9, 2019. We will be playing with crystal spheres, tarot and lenormand cards. And we will listen to Nature to hear what she has to share with us. Here are all the details. Hope that you can join us.

Look forward to camping with you,

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Good Morning to you,
We are very excited to offer you a few tips on how to read a crystal ball on a New Moon to receive new ideas to reach a goal or intention. We also talk about our new 5 week online Scrying Crystals and Things course starting January 16 to February 13, 2019. Enjoy.
Marilyn Shannon

Monday, September 17, 2018

Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference 2019: Registration Open

We are very excited to welcome you to the 2019 conference. Registration is now open. 

Tarot, Lenormand and Charm Casting techniques that are new and old at the same time will enhance your divining and intuitive skills whether you use them every day or occasionally.  Our speakers use these tools in new and innovative ways while respecting the history of tarot, Lenormand and casting. We can call in our Ancestors respectfully and safely with our cards and charms. We can learn of our soul purpose with tarot. Come to Kingston, Ontario, Canada for the weekend November 8 to 10, 2019.

This is a warm and enriching weekend of community and joy while learning and growing. Visit our conference website  for all the details. There are lots of details for you to check out on the site. You can pay the registration fee in one payment or check out the installment plans. From now until October 31st, 2018 you can pay in 12 small payments each month. That is why we have opened registration so early.

I am your host for the conference. We actually have a vibrant Facebook group to keep the learning and the connections going from one event to the next. If you have any questions please contact Marilyn Shannon at

Come and see what the excitement is all about already!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Nature of Tarot 2018: A Day In The Park

Hello And Thank You for Dropping By.
Liz Worth and Marilyn Shannon are going camping at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. We hope that you will join us for a one day retreat either August 27th or 28th. We will be using the Picnic Shelter in the Day Use area of the park. It does not matter what the weather is doing, we will have lots of things to keep us busy or not as suits you.

We plan to talk about Tarot and the Earth, Ritual and Magic and Tarot and the Weather. There will be time to play, do a little art interpretation is you like, cast charms or people (sort of), share at a pot luck lunch, and wander in nature. Marilyn plans to sit on the shores of Lake Ontario and do a little scrying. You can join her if you wish.

You are also welcome to camp at Presqu'ile Provincial Park on your own site if you wish. We will be camping in the Trail's End campground. Or just come for the day. The park is at Brighton Ontario just a little over an hour from Kingston.

Bring something for a pot luck lunch. Or if you have food concerns bring your own lunch. Bring a lawn chair. Weather gear if needed. Walking in the rain is one of the most soothing things I have ever done. And bring sunscreen, hats and swimsuit. I predict a lovely summer day for all of us. Bring your tarot, lenormand, charms and a notebook and pen.

The day long retreat is priced at $90 plus $11.70 HST=$101.70 You can send payment of $101.70 to by PayPal or email money transfer. Make sure you tell us which day your are attending: Monday August 27th or Tuesday August 28th.

We are so looking forward to spending a day in the park divining with you.  For more details and to use the pay here buttons venture over to

Meet Liz Worth at
And since you are reading this blog, check out the other pages to learn more about Marilyn Shannon.

Join us for a Day in the Park and The Nature of Tarot 2018 and divining with friends. We are all about getting together with our community.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Two of Swords from The Tarot Table Talks

Hello and Welcome

It is a beautiful spring day here in Eastern Ontario. The wind still has a wee bite to it. The world still turns albeit a bit wobbly these days. Or so it seems. The Tarot Table always has advice for us and me in particular. It never fails to bring me hope and reminds me to carry on being Miss Fearless.

Lately it has been the Two of Swords chatting away to us. For many years I struggled with this card and could never quite figure out why it was called Harmony. So I studied it, and listened to its many messages. And of course I read up on it. This card often depicts a woman sitting outside, blindfolded and holding two large swords upright as her arms cross her heart. No harmony suggested here I thought.

From the Elora Tarot: this card created by Linda Risacher Copp

The 2 of Swords seems to be suggesting that if we focus on creating and finding harmony we could move forward. Harmony is often possible when we take the time to ask ourselves "What am I failing to see here?" 

This card always asks me to find the points of agreement rather the ones of disagreement. Finding the points to disagree about always seems a little bit easier when things are not going our way. And yet, it is at that very moment that we need to pause and seek answers in unlikely places. Harmony.  Deep breath. Onward we go. We are all in this together. 

See you next time,
Marilyn Shannon 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

When is it time to move on? The Tarot Table Talks

The Tarot Table Talks

How do I move on? Slowly. When you are done waiting I always say. Waiting to feel better. Waiting to feel included. Waiting for the right time. When cozy slippers and time alone are waiting in disguise.

 Know there are people, places and opportunities waiting for you to open up and shine your light. Waiting steals our life from us. We help people here find the best way to start living again. 

Sometimes, actually quite often the most difficult thing to do is start. Start with one thing that you like doing. Start the rest will follow. Waiting ends. And the rewards are fantastic. 

Cheering you on as Always

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring! Getting out and about: classes and events

Hello! It is good to be sharing with you here. The picture above is an old favourite from my childhood. They are called Dutchman's Breeches and grow on the hill behind the Purple Door Books and Gifts on Old River Road just off the 1000 Island Parkway.

I will be teaching and reading at the Purple Door in April and May. Here are the details. Call Linda Scallion at the Purple Door to register or book your reading at 613-923-5320

 The Court Cards of Tarot with Marilyn Shannon April 14, 12 to 4 pm. Your investment $30
Personality Archetypes in the Tarot: Sounds a bit scary doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. The People cards or Court Cards of the Tarot introduce us to personality types. Once we understand each of these 16 cards as a personality at different stages of life they open up our understanding of people and the Tarot. I used to dread seeing Court Cards in a reading. Now they tell me all sorts of things. Join us and you will hear the message of the Courts as never before. No experience needed. Bring a Tarot deck and note book and pen.
Marilyn Shannon has been studying Tarot cards since she was 12. Now a few years later she loves to teach and share what Tarot can bring to our lives. She is the owner at You may have seen her show ‘Psychic Roundtable’ on Your TV Cogeco Kingston and Napanee.

Saturday May 12, 2018 10 to 4 pm. It must be Spring! Marilyn Shannon returns to the Purple Door Books and Gifts to read with her Tarot, Lenormand and Crystals for you. Spirit often whispers important messages into Marilyn’s right ear. Come and see what messages are waiting for you. Its Mother’s Day weekend. Treat yourself to a reading and shopping. Readings are $60 for a half hour; 45 minutes is $75 and an hour is $90. Marilyn looks forward to reading for you soon.

One slight change to note: We are taking an introductory Astrology course for six weeks on Tuesdays at the Purple Door. Please note that the Psychic Roundtable at Marilyn's will be held on Monday April 9 and Monday May 7 instead of our usual Tuesday evening get together. Call me for details at 613-549-2438

Where to find me?
Friday April 20th at the Portuguese Cultural Club at 959 Division St for their Third Annual Fundraiser for Girls Night Out. This event is usually sold out. Call Karen of Wooden It Be Charming at 613-583-1090 for more information. I will be doing mini-readings for $20.

2018 The Year of the Party!
Yes I do readings at parties. This year sure seems to be the year to party. Contact me about reading at your party, event, bachelorlorette or tea party. 

Why do I do readings? Because a reading often helps people find out where they are stuck and offers options on how to move forward in a healthy sensible loving way.

I look forward to seeing you soon.