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Friday, April 24, 2015

Tarot + Kindness

Yet it was kindness that opened me back up to living life. As I opened so too did my intuitive gifts and the need to share them with others. As I became softer and kinder people started to trust me in ways that being tough had denied me. As I found kindness my life of fear, perfection and anger disappeared. The tarot and working with other people gives me the opportunity to be kind daily.

Kindness has boundaries. It is not about giving so much of me that there is nothing left of me. It is offering what I can and letting the client take what they need if and when they need it. I am not attached to outcomes only in delivering the message as it is presented during the reading. Kindness lets me hear and witness a person’s pain without being destroyed myself. Kindness is what people need today: to be heard, witnessed, supported and acknowledged. This all happens in a reading. That is what tarot cards can offer when we ask them for guidance.

The Five of Wands from the Gaian Tarot came up to answer the question of what does kindness mean to me now?  Here is a man belching fire from his mouth. The fire appears to be full of demons and gargoyles. I cannot say that this card struck me as a picture of kindness. It offered very little to me. It reminded me of all the years of control, perfection and anger stored up inside me. 
Then I started to laugh. Those things still happen to me. What the card offers so eloquently is to release those demons promptly and fully so they do not scorch me inside or out. When I am aware of my demons and challenges and deal with them I feel kind and can offer it to others. Inside work must be done first. This is the Spiritual aspect of releasing the old and finding your true self. Kindness is a direct result of this release. Note that there is no one being scorched as the pressure within releases to the heavens. 
Seeking further guidance I reached for “Journey through the Gaian Tarot” by Joanna Powell Colbert. This lovely book accompanies the cards. And right there on page 164 for the Five of Wands it says ““We can let the circumstances of our life harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid” says the Dalai Lama. “Or we can let them soften us and make us kinder. We always have a choice.”” And for that I am very grateful for the tarot. Tarot always show us the choices available to us. Tarot also has a great sense of humour. 

Your comments are most welcome here today. Join in the discussion if you feel like it.

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