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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tarot + Happy

HappyTarot + Fearless + Kind =Happy. Now there is a mathematical formula that I can work with. How about you? Tarot gave me the guidance to see what might be. Sometimes it was not pretty at all. When the Hanged Man and the Five of Pentacles were permanent residences in my readings things were not feeling very wonderful. The Five of Pentacles even showed up at a Readers Studio conference to answer the question of “What does love mean to you?” And the worst of it was that card made perfect sense! It makes perfect sense to many clients who find love as an empty, lonely and bereft place.

 Yikes! It was a wakeup call for me that something was still wrong with my spirit. Thank you tarot for showing me this. Being happy in today’s world takes a lot of awareness. We need to pay attention to the triggers, the memories and the habits of old that derail happiness. We need to work from a place of abundance, of being enough, of loving life enough to engage in it fully right now.

How am I happy today? Tarot has helped me find a spiritual path that means I don’t have to drown my fears in wine today. My sons come to me when they need help and we can support each other even when we don’t agree whole heartedly. My clients feel supported and witnessed. Students in my home feel that they are safe and free of being judged. We can learn and share. I host a TV show on local television where I can introduce this community to the larger community. It is an important link I believe. Love is no longer a complicated thing. Love is or it is not. Being kind in love makes it much simpler to enjoy life. It is possible to be happy and content knowing that there are ways to deal with any situation. Tarot has given me a community of like-minded souls in my life.

 Best of all the people in my life who do not love tarot and the metaphysical world like I do have come to respect that it is part of my life in a big way. Walking the tarot walk, talking the tarot talk fearlessly and kindly has brought so much happiness in to my life that I will never again give this up.

Pull a card for what happy looks like in your life today. Share it here if you like.

Fearless Questions:What is it about using tarot cards that helps you find your fearless being?How can those tough cards show you how to be fearless?How do blocks and challenges in the tarot bring out your fearless reader?How do you approach reading for someone who intimidates, concerns or worries you?How do you deal with the tough stuff in a tarot reading?How does being fearless and using tarot help you know when to hold them and know when to fold them? Or more precisely when to take action and when to wait?

Kind Questions:Can tarot teach us the language of kindness?Can tarot show us where we are kind and where we might need to be kind?Do you find kindness something that is worthwhile in your life?What is the kindest card in the deck as far as you see today? Why? What does it tell you today about you?

HappyWhat does happiness feel like to you? Do you recognize it?How does a tarot reading take the challenge out of the moment, day or week ahead?

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