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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tarot + Fearless

Tarot: Fearless, Kind and Happy
My love for tarot started when I was about twelve. We have spent a lot of time together. Tarot has helped guide me. Tarot showed me the path. On that path I found out how to be fearless, kind and happy.

Fearless came first although kindness was tag teaming right along beside it. My love for Tarot had stayed mainly in the background. There was work to do, a family to raise, money to be earned, chores to be finished. In there the study of tarot found a little space. This was a time of gaining knowledge and studying the multiple meanings of each card. This was the academic side of Tarot.

In 2004 my world fell apart. My husband died, my sons and I were wild. I came to the realization that I could not stop drinking my beloved wine and that if I didn't do something I was going to be in trouble. I joined AA that year. I sold our home in 2005 and soon after realized that my career as a food service manager in psychiatric hospitals and jails was done after 32 years. Despite seemingly taking control of my life I was scared to be. Existing was a terrifying experience.

Tarot was a huge factor in me gaining wellness. Tarot beyond its academic meanings is a spiritual tool that will guide you if you listen. A tarot reading is much like the AA 12 steps. The cards highlight our fears and lay out a possible action plan if we choose to embrace it.
Tarot for me showed me my spiritual path which was sorely missing in my life. Tarot is a tool that I use to help other people find their path in life as it helps me. I wanted to help people. I could not work in the tough environments a psychiatric hospital and jail anymore. Tarot offered me a way to be fearless.

Finding people to share the gift of tarot with was my next big challenge. It was suggested that I get on social media and send out a newsletter. I was barely coherent in the ways of the computer. I almost quit a dozen times.  It would have been so easy to quit. But the Universe had other ideas and gave me a new cell phone. I could not answer that phone when it rang. The screen flipped and twirled and I could not find the answer me button. Other technology was challenging me because for everything I learned there were ten more things to learn. I was ready to quit. I sat at my dining room table with my head in my hands drooping and tired. Quitting was a sure thing at that moment.

Except that I didn't quit technology. I wanted more than anything in the world to be a full time tarot reader and help people. I sat up straight and said I can do this. I will ask for help and not apologize for not knowing ever again. I gave myself a name: Miss Fearless Technology! And I can tell you that I own technology these days or I figure out how. Tarot wanted me to work with it…and share it with other people. I became Miss Fearless that day.

Miss Fearless wears Red Shoes and travels the world and shares her stories. She has gone kayaking with whales and pet a whale in Mexico. (Miss Fearless is afraid of fish). She shares when she is afraid or down with others. Others respond by cheering and nodding. Being fearless has helped me find my spiritual path, my community and happiness. Miss Fearless had to give up being tough and soften into kindness. That was a big step.

Pull a card and see what being fearless could do for you. Share your thoughts here if you like. I will share my card on 'fearless' here tomorrow.

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