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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tarot + Fearless: The card of the day

Fortunately, I was driven to help people and get out there with my tarot deck. I believed that I had something to offer that would help people when other methods were not enough. And so….drum roll please: I donned my imaginary Miss Fearless Technology suit. This suit comes complete with cape and tights. When I put it on I am about six feet tall and fearless.  I can do anything. 

Eventually I overcame technology challenges and became simply Miss Fearless. Whenever I feel that something is impossible or too much effort Miss Fearless helps out. We begin by acknowledging the fear at the root of the problem and then ask if it is necessary or wise to be fearful of this thing. For this tarot cards are absolutely the best tool out there. A simple two card reading can help get the issue on the table rather quickly.

As I prepared to lead a discussion on the topic of “Using Tarot to be fearless kind and happy in life and business” at the upcoming Readers’ Studio’15 in NYC I pulled three tarot cards. The first was for: “what does fearless mean to me now?”.

The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert called me to use them for this exercise. Fearless looks like this beautiful Nine of Pentacles. Fearless looks like: taking the time to enjoy nature and beauty, abundance and the gifts that I have been given. Fearless looks like: standing on my own two feet and dealing with whatever comes gently and confidently. Fearless is asking for help when needed. Fearless is belonging to community. Fearless is trying new things. Fearless is hosting a monthly TV show and standing up and presenting new ideas at conferences.

Heron often stands alone as does the woman in this picture. Fearless is knowing when and how to stand alone and when to be with others. Fearless is being comfortable in my own skin. Fearless does not require the cape and the tights very often these days. Staying grounded, dealing with endings and trusting that life will evolve just as it should is fearless. It is in short a beautiful thing! I encourage you to pull a card and see what fearless looks like for you today, in your life. Please pull a card and share in the comments if you feel so inclined. 


  1. I am really enjoying reading your posts! I pulled the Strength card from the Gaian deck. To me this card means becoming fearless will allow me to embrace my creative, passionate side. To stand in the warmth of the sun and once again live my life. I have been afraid most of my life, it is time to embrace life, embrace friendships, feel loved and trust!

  2. Thank you Cheryl...sounds like a truly fearless direction for you.

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