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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why am I here?

That seems like a very huge question as I look at it today. When I asked it I was in Port MacNeill British Columbia on the eve of my big kayaking adventure. Each day during the adventure, using the beautiful Gaian Tarot created in the Pacific Northwest, I asked the Tarot a question. So the question that day was specifically about Why am I here on this trip today? Looking at it a few weeks later, the card and the trip actually answered the question on a much larger scale. Today, I see that this whole adventure somehow answered the proverbial question "Why am I here?"
I laughed out loud when the Nine of Water turned up! I happen to know this is a picture of Joanna Powell Colbert the creatrix of this amazing deck fulfilling a dream of her own. The picture is full of light and mystery and magic. Exactly what was filling me on the eve of the great adventure! The affirmation that goes with the Nine of Water is "True happiness is my connection to Spirit". Indeed! Sitting in my hotel room that night watching torrential rain sluice down the streets I was full of wonder at what was to come. Continuing to chuckle at the Gaian Tarot's very concrete realism my pen and soul flowed. I am here:
Because I want to be!
Because it is a dream of mine!
Because I manifested it!
Because I wished it!
To Be in Awe!
To Pray!
To see the light!
To go with the flow!
All of this was true on Saturday August 13 about the trip and my life in that moment. As I sat down to write this today, it occurred to me that this also answers why I am here period! Each and every day I am here to experience the awe and wonder of life. It is up to me to manifest, wish, pray and see the wonder of life before me in each day and moment! Essentially, we are all here because we have chosen to be. We choose each day how we see what is before us. At any moment in the day we choose to see it with potential or loss. Even better as the rain pouring down showed me that Saturday night, we can choose to believe that all is as it should be and enjoy it! I chose not to let the weather forecast or torrential rains that evening dampen the wonder of what I was feeling. On this trip I was introduced to so many new things, creatures, people and experiences that it is still difficult to take it all in. That is what the trip and life itself is all about isn't it? From the very lovely book that accompanies the Gaian Tarot specifically for the Nine of Water card: "When you get this card in a reading: This is a time of emotional fulfillment, of dreams manifested, of mystical experience and connection to Spirit. What song of praise fills your heart at this time? You are overflowing with joy and peace. All is well." No wonder I have always loved and trusted Tarot as a tool to guide me in times of awe or fear.
Today's pictures: Nine of Water from the Gaian Tarot; Me at my own waterfall after a more than rugged trek through the rainforest on Vancouver Island!
Your homework should you choose to accept it: In what ever manner that is meaningful to you, be it Tarot, Oracle, Crystals or silence: sit with the question "What am I here for?" Start with what you are doing now and see over the weeks what that answer reveals to you.
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