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Monday, August 8, 2011

Feeling Happy!

On Sunday August 14th, I will set out on a week long camping/kayaking wilderness excursion from northern Vancouver Island to see Orca whales. Generally, I am more of a glamper than a true camper. And truth be told fish even minnows, terrify me! This is the last thing on my list of "If I could do anything in the world I would:" that I wrote in the summer of 2005. That summer I was so sick with depression and a near case of shingles that I could barely accomplish the necessities of life. I wrote that list because I needed to focus on what was possible in my life not what had changed. It was really hard to get to sleep last night. Why? Because of this silly grin not only on my face but in my whole body it seemed. Feeling happy these days is rather mind boggling! It is such a deep seated whole being happiness. It started to grow when I started doing things that were right for me...when I started doing anything in the world that matched my soul. It is not at all difficult to do the things that match your soul. You just have to listen to yourself and ask two questions: Why not? and How can I? This kayaking trip seemed like a pipedream until I said "How can I?". With a plan of action and determination to do it, it has indeed become a reality. All the energy that I spent previously on longing and wishing went into doing and accomplishing this dream. Some of the things on my "If I could do anything list" were really quite easy to do. It still required awareness and desire to accomplish them. If you truly want to be happy why not write your own list? Then pick on thing from that list and investigate how to do it. You may find yourself wide awake at night grinning with happiness too. Doesn't that sound better than laying awake at night with worry, anger or resentment? If you would like some help overcoming whatever blocks you from grinning ear to ear, give me a call. Tarot coaching with Marilyn has helped many people be fearless and find peace for their soul. And that is worth grinning about! I will be returning August 22 with an even bigger grin. See you then!

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