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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Dolphin and The Salmon

The Dolphin and The Salmon:
Every day after kayaking and before supper I sat down and wrote about the day and the symbolism of what we experienced on my six day kayaking with killer whales adventure August 2011. These blogs are about my quest, tarot cards and symbolism in cards and nature. Enjoy!
After paddling out and setting up camp we went out for a paddle to see what we could see. What we saw was of course stunning. Salmon were jumping. Of all the things I witnessed this week the jumping salmon were to me the most amazing. All day all night these fish jumped and skipped like stones across the water. In the early evening they shimmered like silver. Nothing stopped them. They seemed to be jumping for the sheer joy of it all. And I guess they do! Picture the silver water and sky, quiet and silver fish jumping and splashing across the still water. It is silver you see here not gray. The whole scene shimmers. I can see it in my mind’s eye still and feel the peace of it all. Feel the deep inner knowing of these fish doing what they know inside them. What a message to me on my own quest.
Earlier in the day we met our first big fish! Dolphins swam around us and journeyed on. While dolphins often play in the bow wake of larger motor boats the guides told us that they avoid the kayaks. Theory is that the white bottomed kayaks resemble the deadly orcas and are avoided by the wise dolphin. Erin, our guide asked if I had called them to us…well who can resist! At that very moment though, I was not at all sure that I wanted to see these critters. I was afraid. I became aware of making little (hopefully, they were little) yelps as they circled us. When I heard a big dragon breath behind me I almost jumped out of the kayak and asked “What was that?” Their breath I am told! Breath! Lordy! I much prefer the safety of Anna’s Dolphin breathing or Susan’s Huna breathing when they are doing energy work thank you! And you just don’t twist sharply around to see what is behind you in a single kayak on the ocean so there I was, terrified! Of course, as with all the creatures who graced us with their presence these dolphins wanted to be on their way safe and sound too.
Shortly after this the lads finally landed a nice sized salmon that they planned to enjoy for supper. My question that day for the Gaian Tarot: What does dolphin want me to know? I pulled the Ace of Water. Which of course is a salmon, salmon eggs and salmon babies. New life. Ace of Water often means new love. The dolphins today told me to play. Have fun! And pay attention to your breath. All these messages about breath lately. How do they all relate to my life now? When I joined the group for supper there in front of me was the salmon now cleaned and cut in steaks. Across the top of the steaks were her eggs. I felt sad that we had caught a female so full of eggs and denied them their chance to live.(I took the picture above because it rather stunned me. I realized that eggs were the real message here). Personally, though the message from salmon became what are you about to birth? What new love do you need to birth? From Dolphin, I was asked: What is there about love that you need to birth? What in your life needs grace, kindness, contentment and a chance? Dolphin is called a fish but is a mammal. It swims in the sea (our subconscious) and breathes air just as we do. It represents existing in two worlds really. For me, I am accepting more and more that my life exists in two worlds. I wonder where I am to journey more often now: with spirit or with humans? Of course, the answer is balancing the two. Dolphin can not survive in either world exclusively. And I believe that I am waiting again for new directions on my spiritual and mortal path. Dolphin thrives with company; salmon’s journey of return is private and compelling. Fortunately I need both in my life right now. The affirmation for the Ace of Water is “I seek my heart’s desire”. I have returned home to find it. I also plan to play more!

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