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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

High Priestess and The Whale

The Priestess and The Whales:
Today's pictures below!
 Young whale showing its brute strength ploughing through the ocean. Picture by Brian Collen owner of Pacific Northwest Expeditions and the card I pulled The High Priestess from The Gaian Tarot!
The question I asked the Gaian Tarot on Monday August 15 sitting in my tent was: What do the whales tell me?
Card pulled: The High Priestess-Card Two and as it turns out the only Major Arcana pulled in the six days of the adventure. Now I have to confess that the High Priestess is my least favorite card in the Major Arcana. Her visit to me on this adventure was unexpected and perplexing. What does she and whale want me to know?
From my notes of August 15, 2011 hastily jotted down:
• Find balance
• Dive deep within
• Come up for air
• Know what is around you
• Eat what you know is right for you
• Dip your toes in and test the waters
The Native People of the Pacific North West attribute great powers to the Orca. Orcas take people who drown to their underwater homes and turn them into whales. A whale swimming along the shoreline may be looking for her human family. Great Chief’s become whales at the end of their days. Because Orcas live together in pods, mate for life and raise their young together, they are considered to be omens of love and romance. The whales we saw are identified through matrilineal lines. The family history runs through the women not the men’s history. The High Priestess is the seat of all things feminine and deep. She represents the subconscious and the water in and around us. She is ruled by the moon and is affiliated with the tides. She is infinitely powerful even though the power is not apparent. Over the week I came to realize that you never really see the Orcas completely. Even if you are lucky enough to see one breach, it is fleeting and you have trouble comprehending the whole of the beast. Their power is not readily apparent either. I have felt for some time that I am swimming around just below the surface wondering what the whole picture is. It feels like I am missing something or actually many things. This trip has felt from the beginning as if I am to leave something behind. What then am I to start or take up? The Woman and The Whale today suggest waiting, going with the flow, meditating on what is within me. At the same time the Crone aspect of the Gaian Tarot High Priestess reverberates within. What is my role as the Crone? What intuitive gifts am I missing or need to expand? Whale with its black and white tells me clearly; find the balance between doing and being. What role does family and love play for me at this time of my life? The dolphins and the whales show family as it is meant to be. Breathing and flowing and being as you are meant to be. What do I leave here? What do I take with me? And you, what do you wish to leave behind and take up? Since returning home, I have been trying to find more time for High Priestess work and balancing life. Even the Orca know to work hard, take care of necessities and then play, sing and jump! What I am learning daily is the many layers and depth of the information available to me through Tarot, Nature and reflection and meditation. By allowing self the time to dive deep, each layer of what is next reveals itself. One thing that I will definitely be sharing with clients is the importance of receiving messages from your reading over a period of a few weeks to really get all that was revealed. Personally, my readings have taken on much greater depth and I am not afraid to reveal such things to my clients. The Crone is guiding me to use the deep wisdom of  the cards and life diplomatically, gently and truthfully. Please do enjoy this picture...this young one swam by at our feet.
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