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Friday, July 16, 2010

Exciting new classes and coaching opportunities

It's a hot warm summer. If you are looking for a couple of different things to do this year has a few options for you.
Marilyn is hosting and teaching a nine month series of classes on how to read a crystal ball. If it's time for you to add to your intuitive skills, tap into what you know but can not access this class is perfect for you. We are doing these classes in a series of teleconference/webinars. You do this class from your comfie chair in your pj's if you want to! We started in July but each class is seperate. You can still buy the whole series and listen to the class you missed if you like. Classes are the first Tuesday of every month at 8pm EDT. Go here to learn all about it:

Marilyn has set aside a few days for private coaching. If you are ready to claim your authentic self this is for you. What is your authentic self? Why bother? Because we look at fears, lonliness, blocks and opportunities that you can release or tap into to claim who you are. When you do this you hit the fountain of joy! You will find happiness easily and with that comes peace for your soul. Go here to learn about this:

Please give me a call, it makes me happy and full of peace when I help people find their way.
Love the Future,

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