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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Miss Fearless Technology

Miss Fearless Technology has learned:
In early 2009 I had the great pleasure of finding out about business coaching and what a little (or a lot) of encouragement could do for my business. I was at the point of going home or stepping up a notch. For the last two years I have worked with Elizabeth Genco Purvis of The Marketing Goddess. She seemed to think that a newsletter would be good for keeping in touch with you. She seemed to think that spending an hour hand selecting names from my email address book was tedious at best. She introduced me to things like audioacrobat...record your meditations and post them she says. Use Aweber to automatically send very jazzy newsletters she said. But creating this newsletter required a site to host the photos, a camera to take them, and an understanding of how to make it all work together. I signed up but it took three months before I got brave enough to use any of these fancy tools. That was last year. Miss Fearless Technology rose to the occassion once again and helped me create a newsletter every week for almost a year! Sunday afternoons saw her getting on her SuperTechnoWoman ensemble and making it all work...or phoning and asking for help because she would not let me accept defeat!! It was not an option. Amazing what straightening up your shoulders and spine does for your confidence!!!!
This summer, Miss Fearless had her work cut out for her though. Answering the phone and creating this newsletter were no longer enough. Oh no! Elizabeth is encouraging Coach Marilyn to try out teleseminars! Coach Marilyn might like an electonic time scheduler...and throw in some paypal buttons too!!! Elizabeth could see what I could not. That being Fearless is required if we want to change. If we want to grow spiritually in our craft and life we have to find a way to rise above the things that scare the living daylights out of us. One day this past June, I sat at the dining room table with my head in my hands telling myself that I didn't need to do any of this. I could just walk away and forget all these new things and that it really didn't matter. Then Miss Fearless kicked my butt. I have walked away from many things in my life for no other reason than fear. And while sometimes its wise to retreat, more often than not it is just an excuse. Summoning up all my energy to move forward with each challenge has been both exhausting and exhilirating. Knowing that somewhere deep inside me I have the courage to do what feels like the next best thing for me has brought me rewards beyond my wildest dreams. Reaching out to you,and having you reach back is one of the sweetest blessings of being Miss Fearless Technology.
Miss Fearless has somehow found a side kick in Coach Marilyn...and as such I will very very soon be offering a three month program using every bit of technology that I have learned so far!!! But it is you, reaching out to me that has given me the desire to create this exciting opportunity to create a community for women. (Men, if you are interested let me know and we will create one for you too) Coach Marilyn will soon be introducing "Sink, Swim, Soar the Solo Woman's Flight Book to Loving Your Life Now". Who knew what Miss Fearless was creating for us!

What do you need help with these days? What fear would you like to overcome? As always, it is my pleasure and desire to help you Find Peace for Your Soul today.
Love the Future, (No more Fear),

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