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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lose Lonliness, Love the Future

We gathered recently to discuss the book "When the Heart Waits" by Sue Monk Kidd. We only got as far as the first chapter. The emotions displayed during discussions were surprising to some in the group. As a reader, they are what I see everyday. People in the midst of a life transition are beset with emotions that often overwhelm them. Too often they want these emotions to settle down, go away or get back to normal. Waiting in the emotions is not a passive excericise. Nor is it time wasted. Waiting allows us to experience the full range of emotions necessary to reach a new place in our life's journey. Trouble happens when we try to medicate these feeling with drugs, alcohol, work, changing partners or taking on numerous partners! At the other end of the spectrum people may evade such feelings by isolating themselves from friends and family or immerse themselves in long periods of study or reading endless books. Whether a person acts out or hides out the results are the same. They miss an important chance to step into the next phase of their life purpose and claim the joy and happiness they so richly deserve. When spirit calls you to learn the next lesson, simply waiting for the lessons to evolve may be the kindest and wisest thing you can do for yourself. In the long run it may even be the speediest way to find out where you are heading on this rich journey called life. Spirit has been sending me lots of people who are afraid of relationships whether leaving a tired one or embracing a new one. Spirit has shown me that many of you are lonely. Fear of lonliness is a very common reason to visit Fortunately, I am able to help many people see the way to lose lonliness and love the future. This may take more than one session. I invite you to learn about Tarot Coaching to see if it will help you. One person graduated this week from Tarot Coaching because she was able to leave her fears and move into the future she wanted. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Lose Lonliness and Love the Future...available now at at 613-5492438

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