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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some people know me as Miss Fearless Technology. Last summer when I got my new cell phone with its twirling screen I could not answer it when it rang. It took three weeks to answer that phone when it rang! I was in danger of being outwitted by the fool thing. So, I became Miss Fearless Technology. Being Fearless, meant that I could find out what I needed to know, ask questions without fear of sounding stupid! and just do it! Its been quite an adventure. But last night when I got home and found that Christine over at ScullyLove Promotions had magically created a fan page for complete with blogs I was incredulous. I have not been able to get on this blog page for weeks! Couldn't remember the requisite email and password. But Miss Techno Wiz Christine Bode just did it. Which gave me the courage to figure out the email/password and start blogging. What do you need to be Fearless about this week? I will have more to say in my newsletter about this topic. If you have not yet signed up for my newsletter go to and fill in the quick form there. You receive lots of goodies when you do and you may win tickets to Cats in June. Its nice to be Fearless, but I sure am glad to have Christine's help with this technology stuff.

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