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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tarot Symposium Toronto March 20

Marilyn will be teaching at this symposium March 20 in Toronto. Please join me for a fun and interesting day of learning.

Please come to a one-day

30 Gloucester Street, events room (behind building), Toronto, ON

Saturday, March 20
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Five cutting-edge tarot workshops with five of Southern Ontario's best teachers and practitioners of tarot. Also a panel Q & A time about tarot and prizes to be won! If you love tarot and want to stretch your skills, this day of tarot immersion is for YOU. Keep reading.

Topics Include:

TAROT ETHICS: A Framework for Fluid Beliefs and Boundaries (with Monica Bodirsky)

This philosophical discussion will navigate through sensitive and sometimes controversial areas by examining different tarot methodologies. How do these varying components produce a successful reading experience? This talk will offer a better understanding of how divergent interpretations and values of individuals can come together to form an empowered community of both tarot readers and clients. Topics will include free will vs. destiny, intuitive versus ‘standard’ readings, reversals, spreads, questions concerning those not present at readings, and, drafting or adopting a client bill of rights or code of ethics.

BRIDGING THE GAP (with Bev Haskins)
We like think of ourselves as mindful, aware and compassionate people. One of Christina Baldwin's "Seven Whispers" (from her book of the same title) for a spiritual. life is "love the folks in front of you." And we do; until we don't think we can because the one in front of us is being/doing something that we are having difficulty with. How can the Tarot help us to return to an understanding and compassionate response to that person? And how can it help us be mindful of our highest and best aspirations on a daily basis? This session explores these questions through two different Tarot activities.

HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE: Working with the Unseen to Bring the Light to Your Readings (with Andrew McGregor)
Some older spreads place cards that are never turned! Why? What is their importance? We’ll work with cards that are only for the reader or the client. These hidden cards provide ways to deepen the reading process, help those learning how to read and build a better connection with your intuition.

BE PRESENTED AT COURT: or Tarot Court Cards Request Your Company (with Marilyn Shannon)
The tarot court cards are often the most difficult cards in a reading. Come and meet them personally as you are presented at court. Discover their foibles and stengths as they manifest in yourself, the querent and others not even in the room. Create your own Tarot Court Card and experience the unique feeling when others read it for you.

WIDENING THE CIRCLE: Tarot Beyond Ourselves (with James Wells)
What questions beat in the heart of a wolf? What's on the mind of the Milky Way? What implications for us might questions like these carry? Our personal well-being and the well-being of all that exists are delicately woven together. By using the tarot to engage in dialogue with this interbeing, we can gain insights that contribute to a life-affirming presence on our planet.


Monica Bodirsky has been giving both private and professional tarot readings since 1979 and comes from a long line of gifted Eastern European healers, artists, and advisors. In conjunction with readings, she has taught several workshops, and, recently, worked as a tarot consultant on a major film production. As a mixed-media artist, writer, and activist, she has a deep appreciation and understanding of the significance of using symbolism as both a healing and interpretive tool to create a better future.

Bev Haskins is a teacher & healer as well as an authentic seeker on her own spiritual journey. She has been involved with the Tarot for over 30 years as a tool to assist others (and herself) to understand the journeys taken in life from a deeper, spiritual perspective. Her love of & work with storytelling and archetypal images and symbols brought her to the Tarot as a visual tool that helps her access her inner intuitive/psychic energies. Bev also owns and operates Bev’s Lakeside Retreats, a centre for courses, workshops & personal retreats. Bev is committed to using Tarot, Reiki, Circle Counsel practices and many other techniques to help you on your journey to knowing who you really are, why you are here, and how you can achieve your highest and best every day.

Marilyn Shannon owns in Kingston Ontario where she reads and coaches clients privately. She is well known in Eastern Ontario for her delightful classes on the Tarot and Crystal Ball. She has been called Canada's Queen of Crystal Ball. She started studying Tarot at age 12 and is happiest with a deck of Tarot Cards in her hands.

James Wells is a Toronto-based motivational listener, consultant, teacher, and facilitator. Through processes and tools such as tarot, circle methodology, reiki, and journal writing, he and his clients and students remember their innate creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness. In private sessions and in workshops, James provides and experience of council mind. James' "me time" includes reading, writing, music, walking, close friends, and good food. You can visit him online at

Andrew McGregor is a tarot reader, healer and teacher. His practice emphasizes personal growth, self-empowerment, compassion, and finding your own wisdom. Having traveled, and studied many roads, he has set up shop creating The Hermit’s Lamp where he melds the esoteric and the practical in his down to earth processes.

Only $95 Canadian for the whole day!
Pre-payment before March 7 reserves your spot. Space is limited to 40 participants.

Register with James Wells:
(416) 966 - 2685

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