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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rest, its an activity

Good Morning. We are getting a real winter's blast at the moment. Rascal and I are snuggled in for the day. At one time I would have been impatient for the delays brought about by bad weather. Today, I shall rest. Winter is about letting ourselves rest, ponder and wait. Rest in itself is an activity. It is not the usual busy-ness that we embrace. It allows us to rejuvenate and gather our wits about us. It allows us to hear messages from Spirit, from within and hear our soul, emotions and physical body. When we are too tired or too busy to listen we become overwhelmed, depressed or sick. 
Rest: an activity to be used far more frequently than we realize. Enjoy your day. Enjoy a pause and a deep breath if that is all you can fit in. 
Talk to you tomorrow. 
Marilyn Shannon
Helping More People Be Fearless and Find Peace for Their Soul 

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