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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


For the past week I have been laid low. Cold, cough, fever, exhaustion. You know the drill. For the first time ever I surrendered to being sick. I listened to my body. I slept when it said sleep. I took whatever remedies seemed right. I cancelled appointments. I said no not today. It was an amazing process to just listen to what my mind, body and soul needed for a whole week.  It was peaceful and serene. Feeling awful is no fun. Feeling awful with the cold and flu will pass in due course. The Tarot teaches us to balance all of life's forces. It is a lesson that most of us battle with daily. For once in my life I chose not to do battle. Surrender. This cold is happening and you have no choice but to let it be. Surrender to the now, to the moment, to what is.....perhaps I have found my direction for 2015. Something to ponder, I think. Your thoughts?

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