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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Being Fearless

We are rocking and a rolling into summer festivals here at Why is this being fearless? You never know when  you head out to a weekend event what will happen. One year we nearly got blown off the map during a micro-burst! Sometimes its rainy and cold and sort of lonely out there in our tents. And sometimes we are nearly cooked when it is hot and humid. I love being outside where you are no matter what happens.  Festival readings are short and festival priced. Lots of people who would never have a reading will drop by and 'try' it. That's being fearless too. So here is where we will be over the next little while. Look for us and say HI! Even if you don't feel like a reading..but if you do want a reading here is a hlepful Hint: Sign up early because that list often fills up very fast. Prices this summer: $25 for 15 minutes and $50 for a half hour. Sessions are recorded for you too.

May 18 & 19 from 10 to 5 at Palmer River Paddlers Co-op River Festival. Paddling lessons and clinics here too! I am taking my kayak for an early spin. Fearless but still hoping to avoid the white water!

May 25 & 26 from 10 to 5 or so: Kemptville Dandelion Festival. Now this is a big happy festival.

May 31 and June 1 from 11 to 5 or so: Reading in Ottawa at the Crystal Dawn (home to many beautiful crystals waiting for you to buy) at 217 Dalhousie St. Call them directly at 613-241-2262

More festivals all summer long. Drop by and check out this spot. As always I am available full time doing readings, parties and events. 613-549-2438. When you want to tackle life head on and shift things that seem stuck, call!

Fearless Dog Tooth Violets blooming on a sunny spring day. A few days later is was cold and nasty but that didn't stop these beauties from being the best they could be.

We wanted to attend a Tarot Conference in New York City so I drove. That's what Fearless means to me! What do you want to do? Ask yourself: how can I make this happen? We can help you overcome whatever is blocking you if you can't get going.
 Smiling at the NYC traffic!

They call me Miss Fearless. I help more people be fearless and find peace for their soul. It would be great to hear from you or see you at a summer festival.

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