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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Fire tends to all

Welcome to Marilyn's blog for the Tarot Bloghop on May 1, 2012. If you are arriving from Ania's blog at welcome!

The Fire Tends to All

As a tarot card reader and coach, there is no doubt that the Fire is within us all. Over the last few weeks, sitting in my easy chair tapping away on the laptop, overseeing what I fear has become a pigeon bordello the Fire that burns in all creatures is right before me! All creatures great and small have a fire within. The bigger question is why? When we think of the fire within as a force that tends to all, a subtle shift occurs. The fire that tends to all creates common ground for all creatures.

Post image for Lovers

In “Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom” Rachel Pollack in her discussion of the Lovers card helps us understand this. Traditionally, the Lovers card had been about choice. The Tarot often illustrates the choice been the light and the dark sometimes seen as good and evil. Pollack suggests “And there are many people who outwardly live socially acceptable lives yet inwardly fight constant torments of desire, fighting urges to adultery, or violence, or simply the desire to leave home and become a wandering tramp.” Page 59 Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom

The Lovers card represents that moment when the Fire that tends to all ignites. This often occurs during adolescence when we take the courageous step away from our family to seek ‘the other’ often through our sexual awareness suggests Pollack. The Fire is ignited. The fire in all of us is the fire to be with someone. We may and often do express this Fire through our sexuality. We also have a fire to be with people who understand us. We seek out people like ourselves and attend events like Tarot conferences, meetings and dances. The fire tending us all sends us off to find our soul mates.

Soul mates may be intimate loving partners. They may also be the people we like to spend time with doing what brings us joy. The most challenging soul mate to find it seems is the one within our own soul. We frequently look for answers and contentment for our soul from others. The Fire tending us all; the fire in our own soul; the fire we may battle through addictions, fear and isolation has the key. We need only open the door. The fire may bring us the Lovers. The same fire may ignite the fear of the Devil seen in card 15 and intimately related to card six the Lovers. We may think we are different or isolate our self. The Fire that tends to all reminds us that we all are here to part of the whole.

Post image for Bindweed

The fire in our soul is ours to tend as well. It offers us choices. It offers us potential. It offers us fear or faith that we are good enough today just the way we are. The fire that tends each and every one of us can unite us in community, country and as world creatures. That Fire is the same in all creatures. How will you tend your fire as the season of love, lust, passion and creation gets into full swing? How will you hear the message of our common Fire; the Fire that tends to all?

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  1. "The most challenging soul mate to find it seems is the one within our own soul." Whoa, Marilyn. Thank you. So much to read in that one comment!

  2. 'That we are good enough just the way we are,' jeez, I wish I could remember that more!

    Love the Gaian deck - Bindweed is an AMAZING image, isn't it.

    Ali x

  3. Love the way you put your words and convey your message. As a tarot card enthusiast, I know I needed insights like this. :)

  4. I like what you have to say about relationship and the soul. A well put together blog on this topic.

    Some Tarot & psychic readings can help take this further.