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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ostara:Paint a journey with new life

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Ostara: Paint a journey with new life

It is spring here in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  The passion of the season is evident everywhere. For without passion the journey of new life does not begin. The colour that originally came to mind for this paint job was yellow. It soon became evident that yellow wasn’t enough. At this time of year we need the passion of oranges, reds and yellows and all the combinations in between. Even my fingers feel the tingle of passion colours this week as Spring arrives.  As the cardinals sing romance and the ducks and geese pair up the type of passion is evident everywhere.

These colours are found in the Strength card of the Gaian Tarot. Passion of the heart tames the passion of the wild. The passion of the wild ignites the passion of the heart. The energy flows continuously as seen in the lemniscate. And that feels like these early days of spring. This is when we let the heat of the sun warm us. This is when we long to feel the warm soil in our hands. This is when we let the seeds that have lain dormant all winter ignite. Every single living thing in this part of the world is coming alive with the colours of new life. Those colours this week are the reds, oranges and yellows of passion, creativity and power. Later they will give way to softer colours of greens but not until the passion is spent and the birthing is done.
There is a call now. A call for a new journey painted with our passion. For women and the men who love us this is crucial. My Mother fought for women’s rights long before it was a popular endeavor. Women before her fought long and hard. And yet, for all that passion we are being told yet again that we do not have rights. We are seeing men in legislatures withdrawing those rights. Last spring we saw great revolts around the globe. This spring the journey needs to be painted with even greater courage and strength. We need to fight for the equalization of goods, resources and rights as those who hold the reins fear the loss of their power.  Leaving it to someone else is not good enough. Our journey to a new life this Ostara and Easter needs to be filled with love that is not blind, ignorant or blasé.  Softly but firmly we must each take our feminine magic and use it to create Strength for all.
Oddly, the words 'entrenched' and 'dug in' come to mind. As women we create and bring life into this world. We have won some battles and have rights about how and when we reproduce. We have the right to care for our own health. In Canada, we are not yet facing the same battles as our neighbours in the USA. These battles will come if we don’t raise our voice and express our expectations clearly to our members of parliament and other leaders abroad. We must be passionate as the very roots of our wellbeing are at risk. Painting this spring in the colours of passion to overcome fear, creativity to solve problems and power to know when to speak out. This Ostara painting the journey of new life means raising our voices and being heard, yet again. I am so tired of watching the abuse of women rise worldwide and in our own backyard. Join me won’t you in raising your voice to paint a wonderful world of love?
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  1. Poignant and passionate post ... and so the truth! Time to dig in, ladies!

  2. Fabulous and empowering, Marilyn. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, powerful message!

  4. Timely and relevant post. Thank you for sharing!