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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Thief in the House

By far, the topic of fear strikes a chord with more of you than any other topic in these newsletters. At breakfast today a good friend commented that she did not realize until very recently how pervasive fear was in her life. Fear is so sneaky we don't even realize that it is inside us stealing pleasure, love, excitement, and success right out from under our nose. And last weekend it almost stole success from me. Instead of writing a newsletter last week I took a deep breath and decided to finalize the technical aspect of two big projects. I was worn out from frustration and annoyed that I couldn't do what I wanted to do in ten minutes or less. But most of all, I was afraid to phone the help desk people and ask for help. I might sound like I was stupid or something. Now, why would I phone a help desk person if I knew the answer??? But that thinking almost derailed all my hard work. In fact it did derail one project for a whole year. What are you delaying or avoiding because of fear? Where does that fear really come from and is it applicable today? If something happened a long time ago do you still need to react fearfully? How is the thief in the house stealing peace for your soul?
At we help a lot of people overcome their fears. I had tears in my eyes (still do actually) when a client told me that she would be collecting her grade 12 diploma in a week. We had looked at her old fears of failing in our last session. She took action to put those fears to rest and is realizing a long held dream. I love my work! Someone else was struggling with summer. It's lonely for her this year. We put together a plan that will help her do more of the things she loves to do, realizing that the things that derailed summer for years can no longer rob her of summertime bliss. Give me a call if I can help you or someone you know catch the thief in the house and arrest that fear now. Next week I will be sharing a really big show with you on dealing with fear. 613-549-2438 or if you are ready to find peace for your soul this week!

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