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Friday, May 11, 2018

Two of Swords from The Tarot Table Talks

Hello and Welcome

It is a beautiful spring day here in Eastern Ontario. The wind still has a wee bite to it. The world still turns albeit a bit wobbly these days. Or so it seems. The Tarot Table always has advice for us and me in particular. It never fails to bring me hope and reminds me to carry on being Miss Fearless.

Lately it has been the Two of Swords chatting away to us. For many years I struggled with this card and could never quite figure out why it was called Harmony. So I studied it, and listened to its many messages. And of course I read up on it. This card often depicts a woman sitting outside, blindfolded and holding two large swords upright as her arms cross her heart. No harmony suggested here I thought.

From the Elora Tarot: this card created by Linda Risacher Copp

The 2 of Swords seems to be suggesting that if we focus on creating and finding harmony we could move forward. Harmony is often possible when we take the time to ask ourselves "What am I failing to see here?" 

This card always asks me to find the points of agreement rather the ones of disagreement. Finding the points to disagree about always seems a little bit easier when things are not going our way. And yet, it is at that very moment that we need to pause and seek answers in unlikely places. Harmony.  Deep breath. Onward we go. We are all in this together. 

See you next time,
Marilyn Shannon 

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