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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What is a reading? A Conference? A spiritual experience?

Hello Everyone,

People often ask, “What do you use to do a reading?” The quick answer is everything. When I am totally into your reading every part of me is listening and engaging with you and your energy. I am aware of feelings in my body and thoughts that are not mine. That starts when I shuffle the cards.

I use tools to make the process clear to you and I. Each tool offers a different set of information. Tarot and Lenormand cards, tumbled crystal stones, the crystal ball, the little voice in my head, the sensations I hear and feel. Sometimes I travel to those who are important to you to feel their energy and share with you what their message is today.

A reading is a many layered thing. Who knows what direction it will take as we begin? Each layer reveals more information that is being presented to you for your perusal if you will. Sometimes it takes a while before the meaning of this information is clear to you. Readings and their meanings evolve over time.

When we plan a conference we set out to offer you a many layered experience too. We hope that you will see how so many aspects of our life influence our intuition. The conference is billed as the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference as those are the main tools we will be focusing on. They are not the only tools you will be shown though.

Joanna Powell Colbert: Created The Gaian Tarot 
will be presenting in Kingston Ontario November 17 to 19 2017

Neither Tarot nor Lenormand cards can work if we don’t understand some basic ways of listening. Nature, the elements of air, water, fire and earth and the seasons of the year are all important in understanding Tarot and hearing its message. Joanna Powell Colbert is a wizard at presenting the many ways the elements and nature live in our daily life and speak to us from the cards. Joanna will teach us tools we can use every day not just when we pick up a tarot deck. Any time we tap into our intuition, we are feeling life.

Carrie Paris shows us how the Relative Tarot she created connects us to our ancestors
at the Kingston Tarot Lenormand Conference 

Carrie Paris will show us how to use Tarot and Lenormand to tap into our genetic history and how our life experiences and our ancestors’ lives guide us today. She will show us a whole range of tools to become aware of our intuition and the messages that we are asked to receive.

For me, I cannot do a reading without tapping into your soul and mine. Carrie presents from the notion of soul tending. Joanna shows us heart based tarot and living I think. Both are important in our lives as spiritual seekers. The cards just help us find the path.

Why should you attend our conference? Why are we so excited to be offering this opportunity? Because when we are all together we learn more easily, we each learn what we need and we experience community. All Spiritual Seekers are invited to join us November 17 to 19th 2017 in Kingston Ontario.  Limited to 100 seats and we are 80% sold out. I know that my readings will benefit deeply from this weekend immersion into heart based soul tending living.

All the details are at 

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