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Monday, March 27, 2017

Some days we need to rest and spend time with our feelings be they good or bad. Spending time within often lets us see the gifts we have to offer others. And if someone is especially trying our patience, quiet reflection often let's us find the hidden message, the gift of the experience. Only then are we able to move forward and be our authentic self. And often we then become the teacher.

The cards in this picture are from left to right: Bouquet from Lenormand Revolution by Carrie Paris; 9. Hermit Pentimento Tarot and Gaian Tarot both by Joanna Powell Colbert; Bouquet Sirens' Song Lenormand by Carrie Paris. 


  1. So true! If we would just "All" take time to stand still, not think and "meditate" on nothingness we would have so much more direction and clarity! God bless and full of light.

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