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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Are you ready to be happy in 2014?

This is a very simple blog post tonight. If you are ready to be happy and claim your authentic self join us on January 20th 2014 for five consecutive Monday nights. The course gives you tools and actions to take that let you find your own steps to happiness. Women taking this course have found ways to overcome difficulties, hardships and fears that have prevented them from living the life they want for themselves. Join us! Only 10 participants. Handouts and recordings to refer to over and over again as you journey along. This course helps you find the action to take that is right for you. Action that gets results and has helped many women. Read about their experiences when you click on this link. Join us won't you?

Marilyn specializes in helping people be fearless and find peace for their soul. Those two things bring more happiness than just about anything I know. If you have questions email me at or phone me at 613-549-2438.

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